5 stones Haven

Target: 10000 sets

To employ under privilege ladies to sew the traditional game – 5 Stones. Completed 5 Stones will be presented to Special School Children and teaching them to play this long lost traditional game.

Target Group of employment:

  1. Woman inmates
  2. Disabilities Ladies – wheelchair bounded, Chronic sickness
  3. Low Income Ladies

Partner cooperation:

  1. Touch Community
  2. Social Service Office
  3. NKF Habitation Department
  4. SG Enable
  5. Changi Prison

Beneficiary Groups:

  1. SPED Schools listed in MOE – Special School

Employment Opportunity:

  1. Ladies to sew the 5 Stones
  2. Trainers to teach at various venue
  3. For collection and delivery of 5 Stones
  4. Teaching of the game of 5 Stones to the children

Five Stones – 10th Thousand

Creating employment for various unprivileged groups ladies, such as Chronic sickness, deaf impaired, wheelchair bounded, home bounded, single mothers, elderly & woman inmates.

These ladies will be paid for the sewing of Five Stones, which the completed sets will be distributed to Special children in Special schools, children hospital wards & Rainbow Club.

This project aims to not only create employment to the underprivileged ladies, we would like to empower them with a sense of achievement with the knowledge that they are able to earn and to contribute to the society as well.  It will greatly benefit their emotion and psychology.  It will give them a sense of self-worth and a great boost for their self-esteem and self-confidence too.

The completed Five Stones sets will then be presented to the children of Special school.  We will have volunteering session to teach them the game.  The session will be able to introduce to them this traditional game of Five Stones and at the same time to mingle and interact socially with them.

The game of 5 stones is believed to have originated in Ancient Asia, during the Siege of Troy in 1184 BC.  The game aims to helps to improve eye sight and memory, and builds concentration and aiming skills.  It a good gauge of one’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

With this, it could not only be a enjoyable pastime for the Special children but benefit them in a wholesome way too….

Connezting Tradition with a Cause

Five Stones – 10th Thousand

We welcome all individual’s & corporate’s contribution to this project in various ways:

1.        To pledge the number of sets of Five Stones to be sewn by the ladies and we will distribute to the schools of your preference on your behalf.

2.        To pledge the number of sets of Five Stones to be sewn by the ladies and we will deliver to you upon completed.

3.        To contribute in monetary amount for the project of Five Stones – 10th Thousand.

Sale of 1 completed set of Five Stones is SGD 1.50.

You are able to pledge your contribution through our Facebook page @Connezt.Dots or send email to shi-ann@conneztdots.com.sg.

Thank you for your support.

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