Connezt Dots is a Social Enterprise Company that aims to provide employment for the less privileges through the sewing and sale and teaching of various items and classes.

We wish to be able to maximax the potential of each and every personnel to the fullest, in whatever area that they are able to perform at their best.  This not only will greatly increase their confidence level, it will empower them with a sense of self-worth and achievements.  They will have maximum advancement and upgrading within the company and gradually and confidently improve in their skill & income.

Connezt Dots aims to not just let them have an income, we wish to create a better tomorrow a better future a better life for all our personnel…

Underprivileged such as:

  • Single mother
  • Physically immobile
  • Chronic sickness
  • Illness recovering
  • Ladies who stay home to look after sick parents / children

Those who are not as skillful will be able to sew the five stones to be blessed to special children.