Employment and Social Responsibility

Connezt Dots provides employment for the following underprivileged ladies who find it challenging to work outside of the home. We empower them to work at flexible timings that accommodate their irregular schedules

  • Single mothers
  • Physically immobile women
  • Sufferers of chronic sickness
  • Patients recovering from illnesses 
  • Caregivers who stay home to look after sick parents / children

I feel that I am still useful and can make things that others will appreciate.”

– Ms angela foo

However, Connezt Dots does not simply create employment for these home-bound ladies. We empower them an opportunity to achieve a greater sense of self-fulfilment, knowing they are capable of earning their keep and contributing to the rest of society.

Ms Angela, a home-bound kidney patient, started learning how to make Hundred Bliss Blankets when Connezt Dots ran a sewing course at NKF. “After finishing the Hundred Bliss Blanket, I feel really happy”, she reflected, “When someone’s using the blanket I made, I feel really proud. I feel that I am still useful and can make things that others will appreciate.”

For our elderly ladies, sewing the blankets is not only a hobby to pass the time; it also has a therapeutic effect on the mind and heart. The concentration and focus that our seamstresses channel into their every stitch keeps the mind active, delaying the onset of dementia.

We wish to uncover and maximise the potential of every lady in our Connezt Dots community. That is why we personally visit every lady to teach her how to sew and identify her areas of strength. We visit their homes regularly to ensure that their workmanship is of the best quality. As our ladies grow from strength to strength, they empower themselves with confidence and a sense of self-worth. They receive upgrading  opportunities within the company as they grow their skills and income. 

At the end of the day, our ladies do not simply take away an income; we hope they will be empowered to create for themselves a rosier future, a better life, a brighter tomorrow…