100 Bliss Blanket

Traditionally, the sewing of 100 Blissful Blanket is a very time-consuming process.  Firstly, they had to go to a hundred different houses to obtain a piece of cloth (which had to be made of cotton) and then cut each piece into a 2.5-inch squares, sew them together with a diagonal stitching pattern, and lastly sew on the quilt backing.

It’s meant to signify not just one small piece of “home”, but an item that embodies a hundred blessings and good wishes.

In the past, elderly mothers-in-law had to hand-sew the blankets, taking up a large amount of time and effort, as well as varied results.  However, nowadays with improved technology, sewing machines allow for a more uniformed looking blanket with less effort.  This allows anyone to make this blanket, as long as they have sufficient interest, patience and good will.

Due to the excessive time and effort needed to collect 100 different fabrics to sew the blanket, many people could not afford the luxury of time for this task in this modern, fast pace, high cost living society.  For older generation people, who are familiar with the skill of sewing could not find the ‘neighbours’ that could give them the fabric.  The task of collecting so many different pieces of fabrics are almost too time and cost consuming for them.  For younger generation who are aware of this tradition, might not have the skill to embark on the project.  For another group of young generation who are unaware of this tradition, we wish to make known and educate them.  Connezt Dots makes the skill and material available for people who are interested.  Connezt Dots would like to rekindle this tradition that deliver and express love through this blanket for the people you love and care sincerely.

In this modern and tech savvy society, with everyone is using high tech electronics devises as the main form of communication, Connezt Dots wish to rekindle to tradition of personal and hand sewn.  Items that produce with the love effort and time of ones as expression to their loved ones…. Something that is not easily found and available in modern society now…