Takeaway Bag


Many of us often decide to get takeout for our meals, and many of the takeaway packages often consists of plastic containers and bags. By taking baby steps to cut down on plastic usage, utilising our fabric takeaway bags might be a more sustainable alternative! Made from brightly patterned washable fabric, not only are these takeaway bags lightweight but they hold up to two lunchboxes!

Connezt Dots will be in contact regarding the designs available upon purchase. Feel free to contact us with any enquiries!


All our products are handmade by our beneficiaries mostly Elderly, Recovery Ladies, Wheelchair bound & Caregivers… Thank you for your support…


Connezt Dots is a Social Enterprise Company that aims to provide employment for the less privileges, single mothers, low income & house bounded ladies, chronic illness ladies, immobile ladies & mentally challenged adults through the sewing and sale of 100 Bliss Blanket and other related customized items.

Connezt Dots not only would like to teach them to ‘fish’, we also would like to empower them emotionally and mentally, to enable them to have a ‘bright’ and hopeful future…